West Georgia Bike Patrol / SAR (WGBPSAR) organizes and supports all volunteer patrols at all West Georgia Trail Systems and events. Patrollers provide assistance to all trail users. They assist, inform and educate trail users on trail etiquette, trail awareness, basic safety protocols and self rescue using the Emergency Location Markers (ELM). WGBPSAR assists in forming new patrol groups, certifies individual patrollers to help provide basic first aid and minor mechanical assistance.


WGBPSAR's Mission: 

  • Lead humbly by example

  •  Professionalism

  • Compassion. 

The fundamental goal of each patroller is to ensure equality in traill access to all user groups in cooperation with land managers and officials with attention to the specific needs of their land use areas.


Bike Patrol classes are available at various times throughout the year. After joining and completing all training requirements the WGBPSAR will provide a patrol jersey at no cost.


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West Georgia Mountain Bike Patrol Search & Rescue, LLC 

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