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Pumpkinvine Creek Outline.png

Pumpkinvine Creek Nature Park

Opened to the public on November 21, 2021, the Pumpkinvine Creek Nature Center offers five miles of multi-use natural surface trail for public hiking and mountain biking. Trail direction changes daily. Mountain bikes: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Clockwise. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Counterclockwise. Hikers travel in the opposite direction.

The land is a triangular parcel that was donated to the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land by the Boyce family. It has a creek front on two sides and a high-crowned hilltop in the middle. This configuration has created 5 unique areas: swamp, wetland, high grassy field, mixed hardwood forest, and emergent pine forest. Once platted for 200 homes, it is now permanently protected from any type of development.

293 Settlement Road

Dallas, GA 30132

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